Meet Megan from the Ready for Life Academy at Hope College

“When I first came to the Ready for Life Academy (RFLA) in 2015 I was a very shy person.  I had just moved from Indiana to Michigan in order to have a change of life and to attend the RFLA at Hope. At first I was not sure on how I would be embraced on campus but once I started my life changed drastically in a great way.  As soon as I started at RFLA I became best friends with many people. I had never known what a real friend was or what it meant to have a relationship with someone because In years before during school I was always bullied or made fun of because of my Williams Syndrome.  Everyone at RFLA and at Hope were golden hearted and caring. At my time at RFLA I developed a mutual friendship with many mentors that came into the RFLA program. Mentors are people that go into the classroom and help RFLA students with work as well as hang out with us at lunch as go to events with us around campus. Being at Hope has definitely changed my life for better and I highly recommend if you are a person interested in RFLA as a possible student please check it out.”

About Megan

Megan Kidulas has just completed her Junior Year at Ready For Life at Hope College.  She is from Fennville, MI and lives just off campus with two other girls in the Ready For Life Program.  She is employed at a local grocery store but is taking several communications classes at Hope.  Her future job aspirations include: William Syndrome Advocacy Speaker, Entrepreneur (selling homemade bath bombs) and/or childcare provider.

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