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Michigan Postsecondary Education and Employment Collaborative (mpe2c)

Our call to action

This collaborative effort stems from a national dialogue that is happening NOW about young adults with intellectual disabilities and their postsecondary education and employment outcomes.  When you look at what is happening across the country in terms of postsecondary options for this group of young adults, it is amazing and inspiring.  Generally, we all aspire to be gainfully employed, to be a contributing member to our community, and to achieve goals in a variety of areas.

In Michigan, there are not many on campus options that result in integrated, competitive employment for young adults with disabilities.  This collaborative highlights the important work that is being done to:

  • Improve existing postsecondary education programs
  • Create postsecondary education programs
  • Increase the variety and scope within postsecondary education programs to meet the needs of all diverse learners

This collaborative started with a small grassroots effort in June 2017 to bring together a group of people from a couple of different Institutes of Higher Education to discuss, explore, and expand the conversation around options for young adults with intellectual disabilities.  With the support of Think College, we are able to grow this effort across Michigan through consistent meetings, ongoing technical assistance to programs, and through hosting the first Program Planning Institute in June 2018.

mpe2c’s intended outcomes

  • Hold the first Michigan Postsecondary Planning Institute
  • Hold Check and Connect meeting
  • Increase in inclusive postsecondary education sites available in Michigan
  • Increase in enrollment at existing postsecondary education sites